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2019-01-17 01:46:29

India to outpace US as world’s 2nd most powerful economy — report



By 2030, seven of the world’s top 10 economies will be current emerging markets, according to the latest report by London-based multinational banking and financial service company Standard Chartered.


The long-term projection shows that India is likely to become larger than the US, while neighboring China will reportedly steal the crown of world’s most powerful economy (currently held by the US) as soon as 2020. At the same time, Indonesia may break into the top five economies.



“The rising aspirations of a young population will continue to support consumerism in India’s economy,” according to the report.


Standard Chartered also said that the country would need to create 100 million new jobs in the manufacturing and service sectors by 2030 to cope with demand for massive employment.


“India needs to train circa 10 million people annually, but currently has the capacity to train just 4.5 million,” the report reads.



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The real reason why the US has in recent years invaded and occupied so many countries is because they are going down, and intend tio take as many of us with them as they can. 1 million US troops occupy nearly 1000 bases in 175 countries. Those statistics should be on billboards, front pages and broadcast constantly to make humanity awar of the extent of US global hegemony. No country under US occupation has any real control over its policy, or even who forms its regime



True gdp includes all activity including debt...


And drug trafficking. The main reason why we in the US are still 20 billion USD ahead of China on GDP is because illegal drugs trafficking "industry" here in the US makes more than 500 billion dollars yearly. If we take drug trafficking out, China would be 400 billion dollars richer than the US.


Well...the report didn't say that "currently India surpasses the US." It said in 2030 and that's a good possibility. Keep in mind, that the US is on a downward spiral.


On a downworld spiral, like recently becoming the worlds largest oil producer and over 3% GDP growth?


The Bloomberg lie, U.S. is burning more than 20 million BPD while producing less than 12 million BPD



One wonders why they keep coming to the US for jobs!


you have never been to India and only saw pictures.


you should remains clean and focus on cleaning your home. Don't worry about India and others


Everything is turning against the US ,a sign of their global dominance is over- multipolar world is the future.


I doubt, Indian people waste time in worshipping so many gods and goddesses., while our lifetime on earth is limited., we should not waste time for worshipping and praying At present time not many Indian products around the world except curry, and not everyone likes curry. Seldom see Indian electronic or electric products, it will take much time for India to surpass USA.


India like China have more people with Master Degrees then any other country including the US.


Plus...they are an "emerging" market which means there is plenty of room to innovate and improve. The west has gone as far as it can go time to step aside.

另外……它們是 “新興”市場,這意味著有很大的改革和提高空間。而西方已經走到了盡頭。


The prediction was 2035 several years ago, it goes faster as they say.



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  • 再說一遍,這樣文章太可笑了,印度經濟是不可持續的,現在只有2萬多億美元,美國已經20萬億出頭了,十年之內,可能嗎,可笑

  • 把能力和資源用在搞亂他國和稱霸世界上樹敵多了終究會過不上好日子!

  • 忽悠,繼續忽悠印度,只有印度人會相信。

  • 2030年中國有可能,印度沒有。

  • 就我個人而言,中國最保守的估計也要到2035年才能趕超美國。除非美國停滯不前,負增長。

  • 美國就是全世界最大的恐怖分子[酷拽]